Click on the icons below to see up-to-date photos of the services and facilities on offer at Oyoun Village, Al Ain.


The Oyoun Village Cabana is located next to the pool, elevated from the clubhouse and pool deck providing fantastic views of the community and mountains that line the backdrop to Oyoun Village.

Children's Play Equipment

The main children’s play area is located outside the Oyoun Village Clubhouse besides the multi-purpose sports court. In addition to this, there are small pockets of parkland containing children’s play equipment located throughout the residential streets of the village.


The expansive clubhouse is the focal point for the community, which the master plan revolves around. The clubhouse hosts not just recreational activities, but many community events throughout the year and has a real sense of ownership by the residents that it serves.

Exercise Room

The exercise room is used for group exercise classes such as spin and taekwondo, once again doubling as an important events hall.

Games Room

The Games Room at Oyoun Village is located just off from the entry to the clubhouse. It contains a pool table, ping pong table and fuse ball for the use and enjoyment of residents. Certain activities are arranged for the community by Khidmah from time to time utilizing this room.

On-Site Security

The entire Oyoun Village project is protected 24/7 by onsite security. Security guards patrol the common areas and the entrance to this gated community. The security services are provided by the same company that provides the concierge services, Khidmah. In the event of accident, incident, safety or environmental emergency in the community call 800 KHIDMAH (544 3624) or the relevant emergency services of fire, ambulance or the police.

Security Cameras

There are security cameras located throughout the common areas and most entrances and exits at Sas Al Nakhl Village. The video footage is monitored 24/7 in a central command centre by the FM Service Provider, Khidmah LLC, and all video feeds are recorded if needed in the future.

Swimming Pools

The main community pool is located in the Clubhouse. The pool is designed to cater for casual pool swimming and a sfae environment for children to play and frollick. The pool is surrounded by an expansive paved area of deck chairs, tables, umbrellas and sundeck lounges to meet all your relaxation needs. Pool hours are 7am-9pm with ladies only timings on Sunday and Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm and Monday and Thursday from 8.30am to 10.30am.

Entertainment / Community Meeting Room

A large community meeting room is available for booking by residents and is quite regularly used for community events.

Landscaped Gardens

Small pockets of landscaped gardens are scattered throughout Oyoun Village’s residential streets, including a feature roundabout at the communities entry.


The gymnasium at Oyoun Village looks out onto the pool and the café area. The gymnasium covers a large square area containing the latest in fitness equipment from “Life Fitness” including 3 running machines, 2 exercise bikes, 2 cross trainers, 2 seated cycles, 1 rowing machine, and a full range of upper and lower body residence machines and free weights. The gym is open from 7am-10pm with ladies only timings on Sunday and Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm and Monday and Thursday from 8.30am to 10.30am.


At the entry to the Oyoun Village, Al Ain, the Clubhouse is the closest thing to a community concierge. They organise here activities such as tennis tournaments, Eid festivities, children’s parties, meditation classes, Spin, Taekwondo and special ladies exercise group classes. The Khidmah community management staff are available throughout the day to assist you with any facility booking requirements and general assistance.

Common Change Rooms

Located in the Clubhouse are the men’s and women’s changing rooms. The changing rooms come equipped with lockers, showers and bathroom facilities and house the steam room and saunas. As with the gymnasium, they are available for use by all residents during the hours of 7am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Children's Pool

There is a small children's pool next to the main community pool. The pool is shaded and extensive lounge areas. Like the main pool, the children’s pool is open from 6am to 10pm, seven days a week and is patrolled by trained lifeguards.

Tennis Courts

Effectively there are three tennis courts at Oyoun Village, a multi-purpose sports court that tennis can be played on, a half-size synthetic covered tennis court for the kids and the centrally located tennis court. All courts can be booked at night with the use of floodlights. Court hours reflect those of the clubhouse, 7am to 9pm., although the Clubhouse does reserve the right to block out usage times for schedules tennis lessons or tournaments.

Secure Car Parking

All Villas at Oyoun Village in Abu Dhabi have car parking spaces that are covered with wooden beams providing partial protection. All car parking spaces are however integrated with the entries to the villas.


A separate sauna is available for both men and women in the changing rooms at the Clubhouse. Relax those tired or sore muscles after a workout in the gym or after a game of tennis or squash.

Steam Room

Located in the changeroom facilities of the Clubhouse is a sauna and separate steam room. The steam room fits eight people at a time.

Squash Courts

The squash court is located near the gym in the Oyoun Village community clubhouse. In order to block out the court, bookings have to be made at the Clubhouse concierge desk. The squash court can be booked for one hour per day, two days a week by any resident with women only times on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Multisport Field

Next to the tennis court is the multi-purpose sports court that provides for basketball, football etc. Quite often tournaments are arranged on this court, which doubles as a second tennis court.